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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Don't Lose Your Thread, It's Not Your Fault!

A customer came in the other day that wasn’t a quilter (can you believe it).  She brought a friend that was an avid quilter and explained why we collected things, i.e. fabric.  We are hunter-gathers and have to fulfill this deep seated need of ours.  So the next time you are feeling guilty about topping up the stash you have at home, remember It's Not Your Fault!


Isn't this is brilliant!  What a great way to have thread and bobbin available anytime. 
No winding bobbins before you start or struggling to find one to match.


  1. Hi Janet, I just went to the store to see you. Have you moved your store to a new location? Pls. email me. Thanks. bluemoonbynite at yahoo dot com.

  2. This is an amazing idea! I was just looking for something like this. I must get a large bag of rubber bands asap :) Sherri |